Dr. Chen Hanson Ting

August 29, 1939 - May 30, 2022

Dr. Ting played a profound role in SVFIG and the Forth community

A Request from Taiwan FIG

On August 20 & 21 Taiwan FIG will hold a seminar in memory of Dr. Ting in the conference hall of the Institute of Physics, Nangang Academia Sinica.

A Request from Taiwan FIG

  • Remembrance and Inheritance is the theme of this seminar.
  • Let us follow the example of Dr. Ting, continue the research and promotion of Forth, and leave some written records.
  • I'll edit together the video from this session + any video you get to me soon into a 15 minute montage to be presented at the event.
  • Articles from overseas can be included in the written Proceedings, but not the agenda due to time constraints.

What Dr. Ting meant to me

  • His talks kicked off most of our monthly meetings.
  • His interests were boundless, from chemistry to genomes, fractals to FPGAs, music to microcontrollers.
  • How taught me so much: the wisdom of FOR..NEXT, ESP32, and the EForth philosophy.
  • He made Maker Faire happen.
  • He fed us on Forth Day!